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  • IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advisor) work to address the safety of victims at high risk of harm from intimate partners, ex-partners or family members to secure their safety and the safety of their children. They act as a victim’s primary point of contact, IDVAs normally work with their clients from the point of crisis to assess the level of risk, discuss the range of suitable options and develop safety plans
  • MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference) a meeting where information is shared on the highest risk domestic abuse cases between representatives of local police, health, child protection, housing practitioners, Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs), probation and other specialists from the statutory and voluntary sectors. After sharing all relevant information they have about a victim, the representatives discuss options for increasing the safety of the victim and turn these into a co-ordinated action plan. You can read more about MARACs here.
  • NRPF (No Recourse to Public Funds) applies to a person who is subject to immigration control in the UK and has no entitlement to welfare benefits or public housing. People who have NRPF can be eligible for assistance from their local authorities for a range of services including education and social care. You can find out more information on the NRPF Network website.